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OOC - Prompt table

1. Power
2. Regret3. Ex-Lover4. Soporific5. Nightmare
6. Dark7. Fight8. Loss9. Heartsick10. Sacrifice
11. Dream12. Red13. Revenge
14. Friends15. Death
16. Temptation17. Misunderstanding18. Years19. Birth20. Snuggle
21. Mexico22. Journey23. Reunion24. Six
25. Children
26. Christmas27. Drunk
28. Family29. Betrayed30. Paris
31. Tattoo32. Acceptance33. Jealous34. Lost35. Mother
36. Sister
37. Path
38. Mission39. Lovers40. Own Choice (in 4 parts)

Okay so I was feeling like I needed to get back into the vibe of writing again. I've had plot bunnies plaguing me for a while and I guess this might be one of the many ways to help me get those darn things to stick to the paper. These won't be posted in any order, in any sense of time frame or have any set minimum or maximum of words. I'm covering my ass and saying that the content will potentially range from Universal Disney loving, sparkly vampire friendly to OMFG! o_O That's twisted right there!' The drabbles will be posted both here and on my personal account (I think) for now. Anywhos please feel to comment, flames and love are win!

Further fic can usually be found under the various tags of drabble or fic.

Drabble: Freckles

Who: Mark and Ric
Where: Any really.
Prompt: Freckles
Rating: PG
Word total: 1,278
Warnings: None at all. Unless an unhealthy obsession with freckles should be classed as a warning?


Julio doesn’t know when it happened, or quite how it happened but sometime between Russia and Washington he’s developed a thing for Mark’s freckles.Collapse )

It's easier to run.

WARNING: Dark themes of a sensitive nature beneath the cut.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...Collapse )

Write Off; battle ....

Who: Rogue, etc
Where: GOTF!Verse
Prompt: This 
Rating: U
Word total: 987
Warnings: None really. Sorry

There's a world outside my doorCollapse )


Write Off; battle Ihavenoideaanymore

Who: Ric and Emma
Where: HellFire!Verse
Prompt: Inspired by this
Rating: PG
Word total: 1,224
Warnings: None really. Sorry

Never expect to be sure who you're working forCollapse )


Write Off; battle six

Who: Ric, Martini, Ophelia and the kids.
Where: GOTF!Verse
Prompt: This image
Rating: U

For: icecoldwit   The Ophelia to my Julio x

~ ❤ ~Collapse )

Drabble: Loss

Who: Ric, Ophelia, Irene, Raven, Rogue, Martini and mentions of Lorna, Roy and Adrian.
Where: Team_x
Prompt: This song and death.
Rating: PG13

Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drumsCollapse )

Drabble: For Emma-mun

Who: Emma/Ric
Where: Possibly team_x also possibly AU
Prompt: a mission/assignment/training assignment <-- I don't know if this meets the requirements???
Rating: PG13

Because icecoldwit  asked for this so nicely and who am I to turn her down?


He's only got three more turns to take before he hits the access tunnel to the elevator. Collapse )